May 17-19, 2022

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Event Schedule: GitHub for India

Software is Made in India: Keynote

India is the largest developer market with a vibrant tech ecosystem. GitHub has been working closely with the ecosystem to support developers in their journey. Hear from GitHub CEO on our plans and achievements.

Thomas Dohmke CEO, GitHub

Open Source for India. India for Developers: Guest Keynote

The phenomenal growth in India for the tech industry, startups and government initiatives are on the back of Open Source. Open Source is helping build our Digital Nation. Nandan talks about the ecosystem from his vantage point and how he sees developers being at the core of this transformation.

Nandan Nilekani Chairman and Co-founder, Infosys and Founding Chairman UIDAI (Aadhaar)

Open Core To Open Source - Building a Business Model: Panel Discussion

Open Source is everywhere. Today, 99% organisations use Open Source software and some of them have also built a business model with either Open Source or Open Core software. In this panel discussion we are going to talk to co-founders of 4 such organisations who have built thriving businesses around Open Source.

Pranav Raj Sreepuram Co-founder and CEO, Chatwoot
Neha Gupta Co-founder, Keploy
Rushabh Mehta Co-founder, Frappe Technologies
Harini Janakiraman Co-founder and CEO, Rowy
Gandhali Samant Director, Developer Ecosystem & Market Engagement, GitHub

Code is building India: Fireside Chat

Let's hear it from the policy maker, leading data management and frontier technologies to change the face of Digital India. Anna will talk about the initiatves she is leading for India and how code is at the heart of everything.

Anna Roy Senior Adviser, NITI Aayog
Dhiraj Gyani Director, Government & Education Engagements, GitHub

Securing Software Applications at their Source: Panel Discussion

Leading cybersecurity experts talk about how their organisations are going through DevSecOps transformation, challenges they face and what's needed to overcome to ensure a secure application.

Sagar Narasimha CISO, Amagi Corporation
Satish Dwibhashi CISO, InMobi
Abayavidya Rengahari Group Manager,
Information Security, Infosys
Praveen Kumar CISO, ZEE
Amol Raina Regional Sales Specialist, Advanced Security, GitHub

Building Talent & Skills for Coding a New India: Panel Discussion

India is witnessing the biggest technology revolution fuelled by its own tech talent, making 'self-reliant India' a reality. It’s time to nurture the next generation of developers by providing them a platform to learn, collaborate and experiment. This panel discussion explores how to provide and scale opportunities across India to everyone who loves to code.

Dr. Chandrasekhar Buddha Chief Coordinating Officer,
AICTE, Ministry of Education,
Government of India
Amit Ranjan Co-founder, SlideShare
Rohit Sardana Co-founder & CEO, Reskill
Dhiraj Gyani Director, Government & Education Engagements, GitHub

Event Schedule: GitHub for Developers

May-heming with Algorithms: TidalCycles + MarchingJS AV Set

Abhinay Khoparzi

Community in India: Keynote

India community is thriving; building the next generation of developers. In this keynote, our global VP of Ecosystem & Communities will share what is happening in the Open Source and Education ecosystem in India, along with the cool programs for developers.

Stormy PetersVice President, Communities, GitHub

Building Software with the World: Keynote

GitHub is loved by developers for all the cool features and products that help them build and ship secure software. Come listen to our SVP of Products on what is coming next from GitHub. From Codespaces to Copilot to CodeQL to Secret Scanning. A high octane session on all things GitHub !

Matthew J. McCullough SVP, Product, GitHub

Community Track

Crafting modern data experiences at scale

Ravi SuhagFounder and Principal Architect,
Open DataOps Foundation

UPI- Behind the Scenes

Nikhil Kumar Co-founder, Setu

Helping Automate 40K+ Projects using GitHub Actions

Shivam MathurCreator, Setup-php

GitHub for Managers

Vineeth PothulapatiProduct Manager, Timescale

Transforming lives with Technology

Senthil KumarCo-founder, JioVio Healthcare

Undo Git, say whaat!

Bhupesh VarshneyProduct Engineer, CreatorStack

DevOps Track

CI/CD Pipeline with GitHub Action and Google Cloud

Prashanth SubrahmanyamDeveloper Advocate,
Google Cloud

Observability in DevOps & Open Source: Panel Discussion

Pranay PrateekCo-founder, SigNoz
Aravind PutrevuSr. Developer Advocate, Elastic
Jayesh AhireMaintainer, Hypertrace | Founding
Product Manager at Traceable AI

Access Azure resources using OIDC in GitHub Actions

Kanika PasrijaProduct Manager, Microsoft

Path towards pragmatic shift-left testing at scale

Mayank BholaCo-founder & Head of Product, LambdaTest

How GitHub does DevOps

Trilok RamakrishnaDirector,
Software Engineering, GitHub

Security Track

Securing the World's Software, Together

Xavier René-Corail Director, Security Research, GitHub

Spotlight- Securing Open Source Project Bagisto

Saurav Pathak VP - Product and Sales, Bagisto

Top ways to Secure your work on GitHub

Grant BirkinbineSecurity Engineer, GitHub

Helping secure Open Source with GitHub Advisory Database

Kate CatlinSr. Product Manager, GitHub
Madison OliverSr. Security Analyst, GitHub

Find bugs in your code with CodeQL

Joseph KatsioloudesDeveloper Advocate, GitHub

Need help Writing Secure code? OWASP has got you Covered

Alvaro Munoz Principal Security Researcher, GitHub

Practical tips for Maintainers to Improve your Security Posture

Kevin Backhouse Staff Manager, Security Research, GitHub

Event Schedule: GitHub for Education

GitHub Education - Where Future Developers Meet: Keynote

GitHub Education is the home for student developers and India is one of the fastest growing student community. Hear from Moira an overview of GitHub Education student programs, the launch of GitHub Global Campus for Students, Teachers and its impact on India.

Moira HardekSenior Director,
GitHub Education

Innovation, Culture & Entrepreneurship - Strength of India: Fireside Chat

An entreprenuer and techie at heart, Kunal is a leader to look upto for budding startups and students alike. Catch him in an inspiring conversation with GitHub; as he discusses his investment philosophy and guidance to future entrepreneurs and tech leaders.

Kunal ShahFounder, CRED
Maneesh SharmaGeneral Manager, GitHub India

How | built GitHub Wrap: Spotlight

Every year, Spotify offers Spotify Wrapped to its users, we are sure you have received one too! In this talk, Harshil shares his experience building a similar project for sharing open source contributions - GitHub Wrap. An interesting storyline, you wouldn't want to miss!

Harshil AgarwalDeveloper Advocate, Contentful

Future of Hiring: Panel Discussion

Students across the world are always on the hunt for good internships and job opportunities. But this space is ever-evolving. In this panel discussion Divya talks with individuals from both sides of the house - bootcamps, who are skilling the next-gen software developers and industry leaders who hire them.

Tanay PratapFounder, Invact Metaversity
Abhimanyu SaxenaFounder, Scaler Academy
Atreya RanganathHead of Engineering, Stripe India
Divya VaishnaviDirector of Product,
GitHub Education

How | Teach GitHub with GitHub: Spotlight

Teachers use GitHub to create, manage assignments and empower students using a collaborative learning approach. In this lightning talk Sathish, an educator from India will share his experience of teaching GitHub with GitHub.

Sathish G Corporate Trainer - Technical, RVS Educational Trust

Creator Space is Becoming the New Classroom: Panel Discussion

The Creator economy is responsible for driving digital skilling across sectors. In this panel discussion, Arkodyuti chats with a few community leaders and unveils their journey of becoming content creators and enablers of the tech ecosystem.

Manish PandeyAuthor, Blooming Digital Stars
Kunal KushwahaFounder, Community Classroom & GitHub Campus Expert
Ivy BarleyProgram Manager, Microsoft
Arkodyuti SahaCommunity Manager,
GitHub Education