Sheraton Convention Center, Whitefield

12th June|Bengaluru, India

India is anticipated to overtake the US as the largest developer community on GitHub by 2027. Developers in India are building the future of software for the world, and accelerating human progress through developer collaboration.

Constellation 2024 is GitHub's in-person developer conference celebrating the best of the Indian developer community

In this one day event, learn, share and connect with developers on topics like AI, Collaboration, Community and Security.

Themes of Constellation 2024


A new frontier in
developer creativity

You'll learn about

_ The impact of generative AI.

_ Adopting AI successfully and responsibly.

_ The future of AI.


Proactive security,
powered by AI.

You'll learn about

_ Protecting your software supply chain.

_ AI-powered and prescriptive security features.

_ The latest compliance standards.


Welcome to your
flow state

You'll learn about

_ Removing barriers to innovation.

_ Unlocking developer velocity.

_ Automating happiness.


The heart of
open source

You'll learn about

_ Powering innovation with community.

_ Practices to drive growth.

_ Social impact of open source.

Let's redefine what's possible.